BlueHost is at the top of every major vps hosting review website. It is highly spoken about by most of the webmasters unanimously. This is a platform that was created in the mid-nineties, and since then, it became the most popular and fastest growing hosts. BlueHost shines mostly in providing a complete web hosting solution to its customers at a competitive price. This is wrapped up in features that enhance customer experience. It is most popular in providing the following experience and services.

It is highly reliable. Just like other top web hosting picks, BlueHost has extraordinary reliability. This includes a world-class data center providing top of the industry, uptime and multi-functional administrative tools. They have recently implemented High-Performance Xeon Servers that completely destroy any blips in the system and stand in their technology. They use what is called the ultimate uptime guarantee. They also perform a routine backup checks to prevent data loss in the fray. Their servers are not only reliable but also extremely fast. It is very difficult to encounter issues with reliability when using their system which has given them traction in the market.

They have a good price value. BlueHost can give you exceptional services with your money hence giving value to it. In addition to having prices that favor your pocket, their website offers you free tool designed by professional graphics designer that you can use to build your site for free if you have no means to pay an expensive graphic designer. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee to you if you decide to cancel hosting services.

They use the cPanel (control panel). This operates on an interface with some different functions but very user oriented. The control panel provides you with search engine submissions, web statistics, forums and domain management. They are icons such as Fantastico that enable you to install scripts and software such as forums and shopping carts. The control panel also takes you through all of its applications.

They offer exceptional customer service. BlueHost offers top notch and reliable customer service. The team for customer service is very helpful and friendly that available at any time of the day and night. They can be contacted through several channels as well. There is the live toll-free phone support which does not disappoint. They can also be reached using their free online chat or via the email. The many FAQ`s are excellent as well and could potentially answer any of your questions.


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